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Ditching Resolution and Going for Happy

Ditching Resolution and Going for Happy: An Intentional Practice of Simple Delight

By Suzanne Bigelow | March 13, 2016

I officially ditched the New Year’s resolution tradition last year. Who wants to sign up for commitment that holds an 88 percent failure rate, anyway? For 2014, I focused on a specific intention: to feel greater ease in my mind and body. As a somatic mindfulness professional, I know what ease and wellbeing feel like…

Work It: Breathe Your Way to Mindfulness

Work It: Breathe Your Way to Mindfulness

By Suzanne Bigelow | March 13, 2016

Hurray for mindful breathing practices! Yoga based breath practices like this one from Sharon Salzberg are a great way to bring mindfulness to work. Unobtrusive and highly effective, these ancient practices are just right for mindfully managing your work experience. Really — yoga based practices can be easily used to invigorate, calm or harmonize mind…

Contemplative Tradition – In Plain Speak

By Suzanne Bigelow | March 11, 2016

I love the Tree of Contemplative Practices diagram and was glad to see it make the rounds on social media – it reminded me of the tree of yoga I discovered in a random yoga studio in Carmel decades ago. Back then I was pleased to see my Iyengar yoga training in a wider framework.…

Mindfulness Takes Time

By Suzanne Bigelow | March 9, 2016

In considering workplace mindfulness training, one of the biggest implementation concerns is time. Doesn’t mindfulness training require hours of seated concentration? How can I justify having my employees sit around for hours a day “doing nothing”? The good news is that, although there is an initial investment of time up front, research shows that practitioners…

A New Way of Working

By Suzanne Bigelow | March 8, 2016

Have you heard? Mindfulness in the workplace is a leading edge business practice splashing across the front pages of The New York Times, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review and more. So why all the fuss? Today’s work environment is one of high pressure, information overload, “always on” connectivity and continuous distraction. It’s a fact –…

The Bottom Line on a More Mindful Workplace

By Suzanne Bigelow | March 4, 2016

It’s true. Recent research on mental training and mindfulness has confirmed that you can leverage neural plasticity to re-wire the way your brain works . Whether your goal is more focus or greater happiness, you can train your brain and actually see results. But how can the mental training of mindfulness training support corporate strategy?…

Mindful in a Moment: The Micro-practice Platform

By Suzanne Bigelow | November 12, 2015

“Wow! That was great!” Even under the glare of fluorescent conference room lighting, the 50-year-old manager’s eyes were wide with surprise. “I totally felt my body settle… and then I felt the guy next to me calming!” In under 2 minutes, a complete newbie had discovered the innate capacity to shift mind and body. Exercises…

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