The Mindful Micro-Bite: Learning Small and Mighty

In the pursuit of mindful living, small really is mighty. The power of one good breath, for example, as an “on the go” reset for mind and body. Small slices of intentional pause, repeated with frequency and over time, create a foundation for increasing stillness and resiliency.

Mindfully speaking, you really can change your world one breath at a time, and emerging science is there to show it. Long a staple in the world of psychotherapy and pain management, breath intervention practices are the new frontier — where the 8 second attention span meets micro-bite learning.

Mindfulness For the Rest of Us. Pausing to welcome a relaxed, easeful breath quickly interrupts auto-pilot mental activity and slows emotional reactivity. In the space of a few quiet breaths, body physiology shifts and cognitive function improves, allowing access to new insights and a wider range of behavioral response.

No saffron robes, no special equipment. Purposeful pauses provide a great entry point to the world of mindful attending, and bridge the gap between formal mind-body practices and everyday life challenges. Besides, the breath keeps moving in and out of the body all day long, so why not leverage it for your own wellbeing?

Remembering to remember. It is said that Mindfulness is the practice of remembering, remembering who you truly are and that you want to be fully present in your life. Strategically pausing to reset mind and body is like checking an internal compass and remembering what’s “real”. Reminding yourself that most of the noise in our head is fear based and frequently wrong, and that right now in this moment you are truly OK.

Give it a Try! The People’s Pause is a breath based mindfulness training program available through workshops and private coaching. The People’s Pause ToolKit is a set of 10 practice cards, each with a diagram depicting the practice and written instructions for application. The ToolKit is designed for use as either a stand-alone, self study program or a support tool for sustained practice. Want to play? Contact for details.

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