Personal Growth

Yoga Based Training in Integrative Restoration

This restorative mindfulness training is based on the clinically proven iRest  protocol, intended for therapeutic healing and personal insight.  Founded  on the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, the yoga of wakeful sleep, practices include progressive relaxation and observation of physical, energetic and emotional sensation.  The basic practice is generally done in a reclining position, at home on the bed or on the floor.  Advanced practice includes integration of key concepts and regular pauses throughout the day.

Regular practice of the iRest protocol builds personal awareness and resiliency.  The use of sensation, breath and compassionate observation build  interoceptivity and distress tolerance, while non-judgemental curiosity fuels the restoration of internal balance and wellbeing.

This training is available through 1:1 coaching and small group sessions.  Individual training is focused on individual personal developement goals, while small group content is more generically applicable.

  • Single Coaching Session
    • 90 Minute customized experience in applied mindfulness practice
      • Private session: $275.00
      • Semi-private session: $325.00
    • Available in person or via video conferencing
  • Private Coaching Program
    • Private and semi-private instruction of 1-3 individuals
    • 8 sessions of 90 minutes delivered over 8 to 12 weeks
      • Individual Instruction:  $1695.00
      • Semi-Private Instruction (2-4 students) $2500.00
      • Travel and yoga props excluded
      • Delivery available via face to face meeting, video conferencing and phone
      • Training includes
        • Key concepts in non-dual philosophy
        • Supporting research in neuroscience
        • Formal and informal practices
        • Weekly audio for home practice support
        • Weekly content summary handout
        • Neural reminder tokens

Start your journey in mindful living today.