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This school replaced detention with meditation.

By Suzanne Bigelow | October 16, 2016

What if we taught self management in school? What’s good for kids is great for adults… Suzanne  

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I Am the Documentary | Gaia

By Chris Anson | October 14, 2016

Finally, access to a great documentary originally out in 2011.  Worth the $9.95 one month trial from Gaia TV (a great resource on it’s own) this includes interviews with experts in the “new sciences”, this is the same content focus for the upcoming SAND conference I’ll be attending later this month.  

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The art of being yourself – with a delightful Scottish accent. memorable! Suzanne

By Suzanne Bigelow | October 13, 2016


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You Made It Weird #283: Elizabeth Gilbert

By Suzanne Bigelow | October 11, 2016

Fabulous comedic banter on conscious engagement, “the monkey with the super computer” and the anthropologist in your head. A longer listen, perfectly entertaining. Suzanne You Made It Weird #283: Elizabeth Gilbert  

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